Sunday, September 21, 2008

update from nyc

Hi friends and readers - whoever may still be out there:

I have been hesitant to update this blog since starting school - its been a complete whirlwind.   I feel like I can barely describe everything I have experienced, but I'll try.... 

Orientation was intense. Long days of CBS's IBS and PSI curriculum, followed by evenings of corporate sponsored boozin' - all in the name of networking, of course.  We spent the majority of our time in our clusters.  It goes without saying that my cluster is the best, of course.

Classes are intense.  I had my first midterm last week.  With CBS's new flex core curriculum, several classes were shrunk to half semester courses - so that means midterms happen only 4 weeks into the semester.  The adage is that "grades don't matter," but it is hard to undo 20-something years of nerd guilt.  I spent copious time in the library - the upside was bonding with clustermates in good ol' Watson Library.  I'm also spending quite a bit of time emailing, conference callin' and librarying with my learning team.  (I'm the only female in my team of 5)

Clubs are intense.  I'm applying for AVP positions left and right.  Supposedly there is "leadership inflation" at Columbia ie enough leadership positions so that each person can have multiple.  While that may be true, certain ones are more sought after than others and, at least now, it feels like it is important to try to get one in your professional club of choice.

So there you have it - its been intense.  In summary, I love it here.  I'm busy, barely sleeping, not running (there goes "mbarunnergirl"), not even really eatting appropriately, but I love it.  Everything has exceeded my expectations - the workload (hah), my cluster, my professors, my new friends, the imploding of Wall Street.... I hope to continue blogging, but I am trying to be realistic in terms of my workload.  Those applying to Columbia can reach out to me with a comment or via my email listed on this blog and I'll do my best to respond.