Wednesday, December 12, 2007

counting down the days

As I wait to hear final decisions, I'm spending my time
  • Playing in a work intramural kickball tournament: we won it tonight. rock on!
  • Christmas shopping: I am at the point where amazon won't cut it any more so I will have to face the crowds.
  • Moving: my roommate moved out so I'm moving slowly in the master bedroom.
  • Recommender presents: a good time to get them thank you gifts with the holiday season. I'm planning on getting them spa gift certificates since they are both very busy women who need some "me" time. Last year, I got gift cards to a popular restaurant in our area and that went over very well also.
  • Nursing my running injury: I haven't run in weeks and I think the half marathon in February will probably not happen. I may try for a 10k and half-marathon relay instead.


Paige said...

Wishing you a timely heal from your running injury. As an avid runner/ soccer player and someone that is often injury prone, I can understand the frustration!

mbabound said...

I definitely have new things jiggling around due to my lack of running as well!