Sunday, December 2, 2007

chicago interview

I went up to Chicago GSB this weekend to interview at Super Saturday. All in all, the interview went well. I had an alumni interviewer - he was very relaxed and laid back. He asked a few of the standard questions, but after a while it became more conversational. He seemed to appreciate my genuine Why Chicago. A question I am getting very used to is "Why not Kellogg?" as I want to go into marketing. At that point, I am glad I have visited programs and can say "I didn't feel a fit at Kellogg because of a, b, c, but I did at your school and here is why." While I enjoy a conversational interview, it is harder to get in all of those points that you want, but, in the end, I was pleased with the interview.

What this Texas girl was not pleased with was the frigid snowstorm. It started to snow at the beginning of the scheduled lunch with first year students and by the end of it, was really coming down. The temperature was in the 20s (probably teens with wind chill); that is a 50 degree differential from what I am used to! Unfortunately my flight was canceled on Saturday, and a friend offered to house me and drive me to O'Hare the next morning. While I tried to enjoy the extra time in Chicago and spend some time seeing the city, the cold eventually got the best of us and we sought solace inside my friend's condo.

Now I only have one more month until the January 3rd notification date. I really want to get in as every time I visit the campus I just fall a little bit more in love with the program.


Bschool Diva said...

From one Texas girl to another...I feel ya! The weather was so cold. In fact, I made a comment to one of the Adcom members about the weather and he simply said "Welcome to Chicago". LOL!!!

I guess, if we end up there, it will be something that we will have to get use to. :-)

Good Luck!

Mike said...

Hope you didn't get caught in the big snowstorm that moved through there! Glad the interview went well and best of luck!