Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scheduled Chicago interview

I decided to go ahead and fly up there and do the campus interview thing. It was difficult to pick a date with trying to finish up NYU and wanting enough time to properly perpare, not to mention factoring in Thanksgiving week as the worst time to fly. Anyway, I chose December 1, the round 1 Saturday interview date, which will serve my purposes since I've visited many a time.

I'm stoked except for cooooold in Chi-town. My friend told me that the lights should up on Michigan avenue by then, which is fun news for a retail junkie like me.


Mike said...

Too bad we're going to miss each other by a few weeks in Chicago. But just think of your trip as preparation for the loooooong winters in Hyde Park!

Bschool Diva said...

See you there! :-)