Friday, November 9, 2007

i've finally arrived!

So I'm a little bit of a dork, but I was really excited to merit a mention in Clear Admit's Friday on the Frontline. I've been reading the blog for months so I got a little giddy when I read it this morning.

My nose is to the grindstone as I work on my two NYU essays (standard essay one and a "how have you improved since last year" essay 4 for reapplicants) I am finding it difficult to simply refactor what I already have for these essays, but I am determined to get them done and good despite a nagging cough and an out of town wedding tomorrow.

Those of you who may be struggling with NYU's essay 3 (or even Chicago's ppt), think how you express yourself to your friends and family now. Without giving away what I did last year, I will say that I did not think it was that creative (though it was a tangible item that I sent in versus an essay) but it got the feedback "This is so you" from my close friends. This was exactly what I was going for (yay) Look for something that is truly representative of the awesomeness that is you - like your love of tennis, travel, basket weaving, and knitting tacky holiday sweaters. Good luck!


Maxwriter said...

Congrats on your Chicago interview invite! Me too interviewing on the date, albeit,in a different country.

Jaguar Paw said...
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