Wednesday, November 21, 2007

happy turkey day!

Happy long weekend to all of you out there! I started my time off today and I'm hoping to be very productive with the days off, completing a few drafts of the Michigan essays and prep for my Chicago interview next week.

In update news, I got an invitation to interview at Columbia this morning. I had been told that reapplicants who interviewed the previous year often do not re-intervew so the news was a bit anticlimatic as I expected a final decision. I'm trying not to analyze too much why I was asked to interview again, but see it as an opportunity to ace it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

3 down!

With just over three hours to spare, I submitted my NYU application tonight, which closes up my Round 1 efforts. Next up is Chicago interview prep and Michigan essays. I hope to make a big dent into Michigan over the Thanksgiving holiday.

In running news, I aggravated my plantar fasciitis this past week so I haven't been running. Just lots of ibuprofen, stretching and icing my left foot while writing. Hope I get better or I may change my blog to mbalimpinggirl.

Friday, November 9, 2007

i've finally arrived!

So I'm a little bit of a dork, but I was really excited to merit a mention in Clear Admit's Friday on the Frontline. I've been reading the blog for months so I got a little giddy when I read it this morning.

My nose is to the grindstone as I work on my two NYU essays (standard essay one and a "how have you improved since last year" essay 4 for reapplicants) I am finding it difficult to simply refactor what I already have for these essays, but I am determined to get them done and good despite a nagging cough and an out of town wedding tomorrow.

Those of you who may be struggling with NYU's essay 3 (or even Chicago's ppt), think how you express yourself to your friends and family now. Without giving away what I did last year, I will say that I did not think it was that creative (though it was a tangible item that I sent in versus an essay) but it got the feedback "This is so you" from my close friends. This was exactly what I was going for (yay) Look for something that is truly representative of the awesomeness that is you - like your love of tennis, travel, basket weaving, and knitting tacky holiday sweaters. Good luck!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Scheduled Chicago interview

I decided to go ahead and fly up there and do the campus interview thing. It was difficult to pick a date with trying to finish up NYU and wanting enough time to properly perpare, not to mention factoring in Thanksgiving week as the worst time to fly. Anyway, I chose December 1, the round 1 Saturday interview date, which will serve my purposes since I've visited many a time.

I'm stoked except for cooooold in Chi-town. My friend told me that the lights should up on Michigan avenue by then, which is fun news for a retail junkie like me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

nail biting...

With only two applications out the door, I'm constantly checking my email in hopes of word from Columbia. I saw a former roommate at a wedding this weekend and she is a first year at CBS. She just got me even more stoked about the idea of going there. NYU is coming along slowly. I should make the November 15th date without a problem, but work has been manic and I come home drained.

I had lunch with a friend and co-worker yesterday. He is considering applying next year, but is very early in the game. No GMAT, no short-term, long-term goals - he just knows that he wants to be doing something else. It was great to coach him a little bit on how to determine his goals and how to approach the MBA application process. I'd like to think I've learned something in the last 18 months about applying to business school.

Friday, November 2, 2007

events of today

Today I....
  • Got a full LASIK consultation and scheduled my surgery for January. I can't afford any down time while working on R2 apps.
  • Got a tooth filling
  • went to work with my eyes dilated and numb mouth (yup I was a mess!)
  • went to a wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner
  • went to work briefly for a software release
But must excitingly.... I GOT MY CHICAGO INVITATION TO INTERVIEW!!!!! :) *High five to all of you out there*

Now I just need to decide whether or not to interview on-campus. I've visited GSB twice last year, but the closest alumni interview is about an hour away - and I think the same person I interviewed with last year. Thoughts anyone?