Sunday, September 9, 2007


In a word: slow

First draft is back with comments. I'm working through them - fairly substantial as I expected. I'm hoping to get through them in the next few days. I want to get Columbia out in the next two weeks and then focus hard on Chicago (ie school that kept me on the waitlist for five months and still wants me to fill out the whole application to re-apply)

The stress is starting to get me. For the last week, my stomach has been constantly churning. I'm going through the same feelings as other bloggers - the roller coaster of confidence and "no one will want me" My piece of advice to all of you out there is to err on the confident side, because lack of confidence will permeate those essays.

To do:
Send out last recommendation packet (yeah, I'm totally late on this)
Finish Columbia essay - draft 2
Email a few more students and alumni
Finish updating resume
Go to a speed dating event (I'm shocked I'm doing this, but my friends and I agreed months ago to go together.)

PS: Did anyone see Britney on the VMAs? I turned in on just so I could catch the performance... and wow, yikes.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

happy september!

I went running this morning at the gym - I am attempting to get geared up for training for a half marathon in January. I've let myself get out of long distance running shape, but have been doing pretty good recently. Unfortunately, this morning, I was dragging and didn't make it very far.

Hopefully that won't be indicative of my long weekend, which I hope to be very productive. By today or tomorrow, I want to have a decent first draft to send off to my various readers.