Friday, August 24, 2007

Updated list

I finally got dinged two days ago from Chicago GSB off of the waitlist. As far as I know, the entire waitlist has been entirely cleared out. It wasn't such a big surprise after their exceptionally high yield and overbooked class. In fact when I got the email, the whole thing was anti-climatic. I felt nothing except maybe a slight twinge. I'm planning on improving my Chicago GSB application this year (looking forward to the powerpoint slides actually!) and will hopefully move from that maybe to "heck yeah, come on down!" list.

I've updated my list of schools. I am planning on adding one one more round 2 school; I was debating two schools, but application burnout is a horrible feeling. And I think it was evident in my essays last year that got progressively more bland. How is everyone else researching programs?

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Mike said...

Besides actually going to the school, I think the best way to research a school is to talk to students or recent alumni. I was fortunate to have friends (or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends) at each of the schools I was interested in and so was able to speak with them about their experiences. I know plenty of people that have also searched Google about nearby alumni and were able to contact them to discuss the school as well.