Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Cold Turkey

I have a confession. Last year, I was addicted to the Business Week forums, in a bad bad bad way. When I should have been writing essays, talking to my friends, eating, sleeping, I was reading the BWeek forums and deciding that since I have never built and funded an orphanage all by myself I was never going to get into b-school. It sprouted intense paranoia and unnecessary stress, and since it was not the applicant community and support that I needed, I'm quitting! Instead, I'm going to read blogs - lots and lots of blogs.... :)


Bokaa said...

Don't worry runner will do good this year and get into your dream school.

Thanks for the comments on my blog though :)

Mike said...

Stay focused on the positive runner girl - you don't need the negativity of the BW forums!

m@ said...

Good idea. And if I post some to BW I'll make sure to forward it to ya. :)