Wednesday, August 29, 2007

write, rewrite, rewrite

Does anyone else find themselves constantly re-wording, rephrasing every sentence of their essays? Perhaps it is because I'm still on my first essay, but I'm having difficulty committing to any of my words!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Going Cold Turkey

I have a confession. Last year, I was addicted to the Business Week forums, in a bad bad bad way. When I should have been writing essays, talking to my friends, eating, sleeping, I was reading the BWeek forums and deciding that since I have never built and funded an orphanage all by myself I was never going to get into b-school. It sprouted intense paranoia and unnecessary stress, and since it was not the applicant community and support that I needed, I'm quitting! Instead, I'm going to read blogs - lots and lots of blogs.... :)

Updated list

I finally got dinged two days ago from Chicago GSB off of the waitlist. As far as I know, the entire waitlist has been entirely cleared out. It wasn't such a big surprise after their exceptionally high yield and overbooked class. In fact when I got the email, the whole thing was anti-climatic. I felt nothing except maybe a slight twinge. I'm planning on improving my Chicago GSB application this year (looking forward to the powerpoint slides actually!) and will hopefully move from that maybe to "heck yeah, come on down!" list.

I've updated my list of schools. I am planning on adding one one more round 2 school; I was debating two schools, but application burnout is a horrible feeling. And I think it was evident in my essays last year that got progressively more bland. How is everyone else researching programs?

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The writing has commenced.

I have started work on draft one of my first reapp essay. I put together a time line of when I wanted everything to be submitted and it got my rear in gear. If I want to meet all of them, I should have started...oh, a month ago.

I'm a horrible blogger. Who finds these things interesting?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

some decisions...

I'm still on the research trail. I am putting feelers out for friends of friends who go to the business schools I'm adding to my application list. I like Duke and Michigan a lot so I am pretty sure about those which just leaves one more school for my list.

I think I'm going to attack my reapplications first: Columbia and Chicago. I also signed up for an MBA tour at the beginning of September and then I'll start my Duke and Michigan apps since I'll be better informed at this point. I'm still a bit indecisive on what schools I'm applying to for R1 and R2. Most likely it will be Columbia, Chicago, NYU and Ross R1, Duke and maybe one or two more programs R2.

On a more fun note, I'm planning on prepping for a half-marathon in January. It'll be a nice contrast to the hell that is applying to MBA programs and hopefully a stress reliever.