Monday, July 9, 2007

first up...

I have actually not decided whether or not I'm reapplying. The application process is emotional, demanding, and honestly not something I'm sure I want to repeat.

Why, you may ask?
1. I'm not entirely happy at my job and I'm not sure I can last another year there. Finding another job, I believe, would push me back another year at least in MBA terms. (a job switch so close to applying would probably come back to bite me when trying to explain my career career path thing in every Essay 1)
2. Am I that much stronger of an applicant than I was a year ago? Would I fare that much better? Or was I the "victim" of a nervous interview (yes on two accounts) or incomplete essay packages or undefined goals.

I have a feedback session with Columbia this week and I hope that will at least clarify number 2. On the more positive side, I did interview at every school I applied to and am hanging in there on the waitlist Chicago GSB. I think applying round to more programs would help out - as would just knowing the application process.

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